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5 critical child custody tips

You and your spouse are getting divorced, and you have two kids. The oldest is 10 and the youngest is just four.

You both agreed, from the very first moment you mentioned divorce, that you needed to prioritize their needs. The kids must come first. Your goals all have to revolve around them.

Colorado has serious consequences for drunk driving

When people decide to get behind the wheel after ingesting mind-altering substances, everyone else on the road can be at risk. In order to reduce the number of serious car crashes and maintain social safety, Colorado has strict laws in place against operating a motor vehicle, even a boat, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Just because the state of Colorado has legalized marijuana doesn't mean that they encourage people under the influence of this popular recreational drug to drive. If a chemical blood test indicates that a driver's blood has 5 nanograms or more of THC per milliliter of blood, that could be sufficient to bring DUI charges against that person.

Co-parenting is challenging, develop a solid plan for obstacles

When you are divorced from your child's other parent, there aren't any parenting methods that are easy 100 percent of the time. One of the options that you might come across when you are exploring the options you have is co-parenting.

Co-parenting is an arrangement in which you and your ex both actively parent your children together even though you aren't in a relationship. This parenting style can continue even if you, your ex or both get remarried.

Supervised visitation allows for safe visits with your ex

Do you feel like the other parent of your child is even more of a kid than your child? Perhaps the other parent has a serious drug problem, was arrested and convicted of violent crimes or maybe your ex abused you and your children in the past. If one of these scenarios applies to you, supervised visitation may be the key to allowing your children safe, continued and healthy contact with your ex.

Colorado courts generally believe that it serves the best interests of children when they have contact with both parents. Even when one parent poses a potential risk or danger to the children, courts may still encourage continued contact, but with a plan that requires supervised visits monitored by a court-approved or court-appointed individual.

Domestic violence and child custody: A difficult intersection

Some divorces include elements of domestic violence. When this is the case, there is a chance that the domestic violence could impact the child custody aspect of the divorce process if there are children in the picture.

It is imperative that anyone who is dealing with a divorce that involves domestic violence understands how this might impact the case. Here are a few points to consider:

What are adoption agency fees?

Do you and your spouse want to adopt a new baby into your home? Perhaps you've grown closer over the years, and you want to give the gift of being a loving mom and dad to a child, but you can't have a child of your own. Maybe you're a same-sex couple, and you're excited to expand your family with a child.

Adoption is the beautiful act of creating a family and building a home for a child, but it's also a legal process. Therefore, couples will want to research as much as they can about Colorado adoption law to make sure they do it right.

A brief history of child abuse protection in the United States

Children are under the complete control of their parents, and if the parents wish to abuse their children, they can often get away with it. Until recently, parents actually had the right to physically beat their children and treat them in a way that would -- in modern times -- constitute abuse. This is because children were viewed as property by the courts -- specifically, the property of their fathers.

In the United States, the courts continued to view children as property until the early 1870s -- when the sad case of an 8-year-old orphan girl captured the hearts of the nation.

The divorce mediation process is easy to understand

As you first begin to contemplate divorce mediation, you may be concerned that the process will be confusing, full of tension, and difficult to handle from start to finish.

Fortunately, once you learn more about mediation, you'll come to find that this is easy to understand.

What can you do if you need to adjust your visitation time?

When you got your divorce, you had a different job and different days off. You've kept to your child custody plan, but in reality, you're not seeing much of your child. In fact, much of the time, your child is going to a babysitter or staying with your family, which doesn't give you much time with him at all.

This isn't fair to you or your child, so you want to seek out an adjustment and modification to your child custody arrangements. Would the court allow it? What steps do you need to take? Here are a few things you need to know.

The 3 styles of mediation: Which one is right for your divorce?

Most Colorado divorce lawyers will laud the many benefits that come from mediating a divorce. In fact, if your mediation is successful, the benefits include (1) saving a great deal of money on legal fees and court costs, (2) saving time, and (3) preventing stress and toxic emotional circumstances.

Let's say, for example, that your marriage has lasted 15 years. You and your ex can communicate rationally - or as rationally as can be expected for two people going through a divorce - and you both feel like you can work through any divorce-related disagreements in a civil and diplomatic fashion. For you and your spouse, mediation could be the best way to finalize your divorce agreement.

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