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Tips for a workable custody agreement

If you're a Lakewood parent undergoing a divorce from your child's other parent, you may be worrying that you might not get custody awarded to you. The good news is that judges' guiding principles when making custody decisions is what is best for the children.

The bad news is that this directive is open to a bit of subjective interpretation. However, the prevailing trend is to enable joint custody for the parents. Below are some tips that can help you prevail when you go in front of the judge.

What constitutes "driving while high" on marijuana?

Police in Colorado have a standardized means for testing whether someone is driving while intoxicated by alcohol. Tests for drunk driving include field sobriety tests to observe a person's behavior and ability to perform basic tasks. They also include Breathalyzer, urine and blood tests to measure the driver's blood alcohol content. Not only that, but most responsible drivers have a general sense for whether they can safely drink an alcoholic beverage or two and get behind the wheel without being over the .08 percent BAC limit in Colorado.

But what about marijuana and THC? Many driver's don't know how many puffs of marijuana or how many marijuana candies they can consume and still safely drive.

Divorce and the family business: Proceed carefully

If you are planning to divorce, you could be facing months of difficult decisions and negotiations. This is especially true if, in addition to owning a house and having children, you and your husband own a business. Sometimes it can seem impossible to reach a decision when it comes to dividing the family business. Should you fight for sole ownership of the business? Should you sell it and divide the profits?

There are several different options available for your family owned business if you are facing a divorce. Here are three business strategies to choose from that might increase your chances of coming through divorce with your finances intact.

Don’t put up with interference in your parenting time

Divorced parents who raise their children separately usually run into some rough patches along the way, especially if the divorce was particularly difficult. It's a tale as old as child custody law itself, where parents who dislike each other or hold grudges from their marriage use their children to punish or reward behavior in each other.

Primarily, this is unfair and destructive to the child. Any parent who excuses this behavior in themselves needs to take a close look at his or her priorities and ask themselves if they truly believe that the child is unaware of this game.

Signs it may be time to seek a child support modification

Getting divorced in Colorado is a time-consuming and expensive process. Many people assume that the final terms of their divorce are effectively set in stone. However, it is actually possible to change aspects of your child custody agreement or your child support order after a divorce.

In order to make those changes, you need to seek a modification from the courts. Otherwise, you must continue to pay child support as ordered in your divorce. There are certain times when seeking a modification to your child support order is probably in your best interest.

Will a Colorado judge award 50-50 child custody?

The modern trend in child custody cases throughout the United States is to award divorcing parents with 50-50 legal custody, also known as "joint legal custody." Legal custody, in this context, refers to the decision-making authority of both parents to direct important matters relating to the upbringing of their children. For example, co-parents with 50-50 custody will need to agree on matters of schooling, religion, medical care and other parenting concerns.

This is the trend as it applies to legal custody. When it comes to physical custody, Colorado parents may find that family court judges are more inclined to award physical custody -- i.e., the parent the child lives with -- to just one parent. If parents can agree outside of court to split physical custody 50-50, a judge is likely to go along with the parent's wishes. However, if the parents cannot agree on this issue, the judge is more likely to select only one parent to receive physical custody.

Mediation and arbitration can help get you through divorce

When there's a dispute with your divorce, it may feel like you'll never be able to resolve the problem. You don't want your divorce to pend for years, so you think you'll have to give in.

The reality is that it's possible to resolve problems through alternative dispute resolution and avoid long, drawn out divorces. Here's a bit more on these resolution techniques and how they can help you.

Divorce: How do you know when it's time?

There is no easy answer to the ultimate divorce question: "How do you know when it's time to end your marriage?" Some couples have resurrected their marriages from the ashes of infidelity, addiction and other challenging relationship problems. But other couples were unable to resolve their marital difficulties and made the tough choice to bring their relationships to a close.

In terms of knowing when it's time to call it quits on your marriage, you might want to review the following signs that your marriage may be coming to an end:

Safeguard children from abduction with these tips

A child advocate is an adult who -- either privately, professionally or through involvement with child advocacy organizations -- works tirelessly to protect the best interests of children in his or her community. Child advocates take proactive measures to protect the rights of children who are too often the victims of abuse, neglect and mistreatment.

One of the primary concerns of any child advocate relates to abduction. How do we prevent the abduction of children in our communities?

Keep your financial life intact despite your divorce

Money and financial stresses are one of the biggest reasons why people choose to get a divorce. However, divorce will not necessarily solve one's financial woes. They may make them worse. Higher expenses will apply to your post-divorce life -- and you need to prepare for those expenses. Furthermore, you may be at risk of getting an unfair divorce settlement, so it's vital to protect your marital property rights throughout your divorce proceedings.

With your financial health in mind, here are a few things you will want to consider during your divorce proceedings:

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