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Do your part to stop child abuse

Child abuse can go unreported for a long time because it takes a while before people in the community notice it. Perhaps the abuse doesn't get noticed until a doctor, dentist, teacher, therapist or someone else notices the tell-tale signs of bruises and other unexplainable injuries on the child's body.

After the abuse is discovered, however, what's your next step? What can community members do to protect an abused child who doesn't belong to them?

Keep these points in mind when discussing divorce with small kids

Small children are sensitive and impressionable, so it makes sense if you're worried about the best way to talk to them about divorce. So far, they've grown up seeing mommy and daddy as an integral unit that should endure forever.

Even though your divorce may come as a surprise, your children will be able to wrap their heads around the idea in a healthy way if you break the news appropriately. What follows are a few things to keep in mind to help you talk about divorce with a small child aged five to eight.

Could mediation allow for a faster and simpler Colorado divorce?

Getting divorced in Colorado can be a difficult process, especially when you and your spouse don't agree on the terms of your divorce. For some couples, prenuptial agreements outline exactly how issues like asset division, spousal support and child visitation will get handled. The vast majority of couples do not have a prenuptial agreement on record, however, which means they must agree on terms or ask the courts to intervene.

The problem with having the courts handle your disagreements about issues like asset division and child custody is that neither you nor your spouse have any control over what the court decides. That can result in a situation where no one is happy with the final outcome. Thankfully, if you and your spouse disagree on key terms but hope to avoid the drama of a protracted court battle, you may have another option available.

Allegations of abuse threaten your relationship with your child

In a child custody case, you always want to put your best foot forward. If you have allegations of abuse against you, it could hurt your chance of becoming the primary custodian of your child or being able to have unsupervised visitation.

The courts do take allegations of abuse extremely seriously, because they don't want to see children get hurt when they don't have to. The courts worry that if they aren't firm, the children could end up paying the price. As a result, allegations, even if unfounded, can seriously impact your case.

What happens when a seller doesn't move out of your new home?

The current real estate market is unquestionably a seller's market. There's so much demand for properties around Colorado that home prices have gone up. At the same time, units for sale and available units for rent have decreased, making it easy for sellers to set their own price and terms when it comes to a sale. If you were lucky enough to find a home you wanted and submit an accepted purchase offer, you probably thought the hard part was over.

Unfortunately, listing on a seller's market can come back to haunt overzealous sellers. The person who agreed to sell you the house may now find that there isn't a new home in his or her price range. In some cases, sellers may not even be able to find rental units nearby for a temporary solution. That could leave you, the buyer, with a mortgage on a property that you have yet to take possession of. When that happens, you'll probably have to go to court.

Sell your business with the following steps

No one ever said that selling your business would be easy. You might need the assistance of a lawyer, an accountant, a business appraiser and a business broker before you can complete the process.

You'll also want to have a game plan. That's why we'd like to share the following four first steps to selling your business. With diligence, discipline and the right attitude, the following steps will improve your chances of successfully selling your company:

What activities should we do during child visits?

Imagine you're a newly single dad who doesn't have physical custody of your child. However, you do get to spend every other weekend with your son or daughter.

Since your visitation time is limited, you clearly want to make the time as meaningful as possible, but you're not sure what activities are the best. What follows is a list of things you can do with your child during your visits.

5 critical child custody tips

You and your spouse are getting divorced, and you have two kids. The oldest is 10 and the youngest is just four.

You both agreed, from the very first moment you mentioned divorce, that you needed to prioritize their needs. The kids must come first. Your goals all have to revolve around them.

Colorado has serious consequences for drunk driving

When people decide to get behind the wheel after ingesting mind-altering substances, everyone else on the road can be at risk. In order to reduce the number of serious car crashes and maintain social safety, Colorado has strict laws in place against operating a motor vehicle, even a boat, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Just because the state of Colorado has legalized marijuana doesn't mean that they encourage people under the influence of this popular recreational drug to drive. If a chemical blood test indicates that a driver's blood has 5 nanograms or more of THC per milliliter of blood, that could be sufficient to bring DUI charges against that person.

Co-parenting is challenging, develop a solid plan for obstacles

When you are divorced from your child's other parent, there aren't any parenting methods that are easy 100 percent of the time. One of the options that you might come across when you are exploring the options you have is co-parenting.

Co-parenting is an arrangement in which you and your ex both actively parent your children together even though you aren't in a relationship. This parenting style can continue even if you, your ex or both get remarried.

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