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As Life Changes--So Too May Some Custody And Support Orders

There's a saying that change is the one true constant in life. If you previously went through a divorce or settled a child custody case, you likely understand the significance of this saying all too well. The culmination of a divorce or child custody case triggers many significant changes including where you live, your standard of living, your retirement plans and how often you see your children.

What factors determine child custody?

In Colorado, child custody is called "allocation of parental responsibility," sometimes abbreviated as APR. Like other divorce matters, APR can either be decided in court through litigation or outside of court through methods such as mediation. If court is making the final decision, they will base APR orders on the child's best interests using a wide array of considerations.

Using mediation to reach a divorce agreement

Divorce is known to be incredibly stressful, emotional, and often frustrating. It can bring up images of arguments and long courtroom battles. However, not all divorce has to be a war in court. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods exist, one of the most common being mediation.

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