4 reasons mothers should consider child custody mediation


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4 reasons mothers should consider child custody mediation

You and your children’s father are going through a divorce. Part of this involves deciding all aspects of child custody. When you are going through child custody issues, you must decide if you are willing to use mediation as the resolution method. Child custody mediation has some considerable benefits that you might appreciate. Of course, you must do what you think is best for your situation, even if this means going to court.

You don’t have to work directly with your ex

Some exes can work together on issues that come up, but you don’t have to work directly with your ex if you aren’t comfortable doing so. A third-party mediator works as a go-between for you and your ex. This specially trained professional works to keep the focus on the issues at hand if things start to deviate from those issues.

You can use your knowledge of your children

Going to trial over child custody issues puts a person who doesn’t know your children in charge of making decisions for them. When you use mediation to come to an agreement, you can use your knowledge of your children to determine how each option might affect them. You should go into the process with the understanding that their father will also have opinions about what is right for the children. This where the negotiations come into the picture.

You can choose how to handle specific points

As you negotiate the points at hand, you may have to give a little on some points. Before you start the first session, decide on which points you are willing to negotiate and on which ones you need to remain steadfast. Once you have these points in place, you can decide how to approach each issue that comes up. Be sure to leave a little wiggle room on all your positions so that you have room for negotiations.

You might not feel as stressed

Since you are in at least partial control of what happens, you may not feel as stressed as you go through the divorce. Since your reaction to being stressed out can impact your children, they might not feel as anxious about the upheaval of you and their father splitting up.

Additionally, you wouldn’t be as likely to make decisions based only on a stress response if you are going into the child custody mediation well prepared. Since mediation is usually faster than a trial, you will have a resolution to the issues sooner. This enables you and your children to adjust to a new normal way of life.