There are many ways to fight possession charges


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There are many ways to fight possession charges

A drug possession conviction can derail your entire life, making it difficult to get a job, find a place to live or even raise a family.

Unlike many other non-violent charges, drug possession can carry heavy penalties including jail time and lasting social difficulties. It’s vital to fight any drug charges with every tool at your disposal, for the sake of your future.

Many people panic in the face of drug charges, but professional legal counsel can evaluate the specifics of your charges and the circumstances under which you received them.

Each case is different, and an experienced attorney can identify nuances in the law that may work in your favor.

The important thing is to make sure that you do not merely accept the charges. Doing so may mean you are giving up many opportunities in the future.

Drug charges are rarely an open and shut case

Let’s say that you are in your home during a party, and police show up to respond to a noise complaint. A police officer sees a bag of something she believes is cocaine and charges you with possession.

The charges are serious, but there are many ways that to fight them. Because of the nature of the situation, it is possible to argue that the drugs are not actually yours, but were left lying there by some other guest of the party.

It is also possible to have the substance tested by a lab to determine if it is, in fact, cocaine. There are many white powders one could put in a bag. It is possible that an officer misidentified the substance and erroneously charged you with cocaine possession.

Furthermore, requesting the laboratory test requires the police to make sure that they can produce the actual substance in question. If they misplaced the evidence somewhere in the process, an experienced attorney can use this as leverage in your favor.

Similarly, if you were pulled over and subsequently were charged with possession, there are certain procedures that police must follow. If police violated your rights in the course of the arrest, a talented attorney can use the violation as leverage.

Don’t fight this fight alone

All criminal charges have penalties, but drug charges carry far harsher penalties than other non-violent charges. If you have a conviction on your record, you may not be able to get many kinds of jobs, or may have your application to an apartment complex denied. If you ever wish to adopt a child, a drug conviction may keep you from being able to adopt.

Fighting drug charges should not be something you undertake on your own. An experienced, empathetic attorney can ensure that your rights remain protected throughout the process.