Can’t pay your child support?


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Can’t pay your child support?

Life in Colorado can be unpredictable and our financial circumstances can go from bad to worse in a heartbeat. Let’s say you have a well-paying job, and your $1,000 per month child support obligations are easy for you to meet. However, you need to change your job, and now you’re making half as much.

There’s no way you can continue paying $1,000 in child support each month. Realistically, you can only afford $600 and this is plenty to assist your ex with the costs of raising your children. Can you apply for a child support modification?

How to get approved for a child support modification

In Colorado, if you suffer a drastic change in your financial circumstances, you can apply to reduce your child support obligations. Here’s some general advice on what you need to do:

  • Get informed: Research the law, talk to a family law attorney and find out if you meet the requirements for a child support modification before you apply.
  • Pay as much as you’re able: Even if you can’t pay all of the support, don’t stop paying. Courts will view your situation more favorably if you’re making an effort to pay what you can.
  • Negotiate with your ex: Your ex may be willing to work with you and your new financial circumstances. You can save money and time by renegotiating the terms of your child support agreement outside of court.
  • Act fast: The sooner you act, the less you’ll get behind on payments. This is important because a child support obligation will not make your unpaid child support disappear retroactively. You’ll still need to make those payments up, even if the court agrees to reduce the amount.
  • Save your documentation: Make sure you have documentation of your change in employment and changes in income or any other issue that has led to the worsening of your financial circumstances.

Get legal help with your child support modification request

Finally, you may want to ask a family law attorney for help when submitting your application to change your child support obligations. Your lawyer will ensure that you’ve asserted appropriate arguments that address the requirements for a modification in support payments.