Co-parenting often requires evaluating your strategy


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Co-parenting often requires evaluating your strategy

Co-parenting isn’t something that you can only think about once and then forget about. For the entire time that you and your ex are parenting your child, you will have to work together. In a co-parenting situation, you are working closely and will need to continually put forth an effort if the arrangement is going to work.

One thing that you might need to do is to sit down and come up with a plan for making the situation work. Having a plan with your ex and one for yourself can help you to stay on track when things get difficult. Here are a few points to think about when you are making your plans:

Set clear goals

You need to set goals if you are going to come up with a plan. Don’t limit yourself to long-term and big goals. You can also set short-term, smaller goals that make it easier to attain the larger goals that you are setting. The goals that you need to work on with your ex, such as smoother transition days, should be in the joint plan. Goals that you want to work on yourself, such as not letting your ex get to you with his or her antics, would go in your personal plan. You might notice that some goals and plan points overlap, but this is fine. It gives you a chance to truly personalize the way that you want to address things.

Plan your steps

Planning clear steps to help you achieve the goals you set is important. You can look at these steps and see how you are doing. One thing to consider is that you might want to include your children in the steps. If you are planning for smoother transitions, you might include steps like finding out what you can do to make these times easier for your children. Older children might even be able to offer insight into how you can plan the steps. Since they are the subject of the plan, you might find this valuable.

Create a strategy for challenges

Throughout your co-parenting relationship, you might find that you face challenges. Try to come up with a plan for the challenges that you think might occur. When things get rough, you can refer to these strategies. Having them in writing might be more help to you thinking about ways to manage on the fly.