Single parents: How to protect your parent-child relationship


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Single parents: How to protect your parent-child relationship

When it comes to co-parenting with your soon-to-be ex, it will be a great deal easier on you and your children if you pin down clear guidelines about your roles as parents in your parenting plan. These guidelines will be agreed to by both parents – and they will be legally enforceable should the other parent choose not to comply.

Let’s discuss how you can use parenting provisions in your child custody plan to safeguard the sanctity of your relationship with your child and ensure that the other parent doesn’t interfere with it in a negative way.

Parenting provisions that protect your parent-child relationship

Here are some excellent parenting provisions that every soon-to-be single parent may want to include in his or her parenting plan:

  • The parents will not make negative comments regarding the other parent, nor about the other parent’s current or past relationships, friends or family to the children, or within earshot of the children.
  • Both parents will encourage the child to have a great deal of love and affection for the other parent. Both parents will also encourage and allow the child to openly express his or her love and affection for the other parent.
  • The parents will not encourage, suggest or require the child to refer to another person as dad or mom. Nor will the parents permit another individual to encourage the children to do this.
  • The parents agree not to unreasonably question the children regarding the activities and social lives of the other parent.
  • The parents will permit the children to keep presents and gifts provided to the child by the other parent and they will not throw away these gifts, get rid of them or destroy them without first gaining permission from the other parent.

Explore different parenting provision options

There are a number of other parenting provision options that could apply to the various aspects of your divorce and child custody arrangements. As such, parents who are divorcing may want to look deeper into the options available to them regarding parenting provisions, what family law attorneys generally include in parenting plans and also consider creating some customized parenting provisions of their own.