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May 2018 Archives

Alternative dispute resolution divorce terminology

It's pretty easy to see the numerous benefits and advantages of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and arbitration when it comes to the divorce process. For one, arbitration allows couples to bring their marriage to a close faster, more cost effectively and with a great amount of privacy. Secondly, the ADR process is a lot less stressful due to its informal nature.

How do Colorado courts allocate your home in a divorce?

There are so many uncertainties in any divorce. If you and your ex can't agree on terms for your divorce, everything will be up in the air until the courts issue a ruling. In cases where you can compromise, possibly through mediation, it is possible to come to an agreement about what will happen with your home. Typically, you will address this, along with your other possessions, debts and assets in a property settlement agreement. Barring that or a legally valid prenuptial agreement, the power will all remain with the courts.

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