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September 2018 Archives

What constitutes "driving while high" on marijuana?

Police in Colorado have a standardized means for testing whether someone is driving while intoxicated by alcohol. Tests for drunk driving include field sobriety tests to observe a person's behavior and ability to perform basic tasks. They also include Breathalyzer, urine and blood tests to measure the driver's blood alcohol content. Not only that, but most responsible drivers have a general sense for whether they can safely drink an alcoholic beverage or two and get behind the wheel without being over the .08 percent BAC limit in Colorado.

Divorce and the family business: Proceed carefully

If you are planning to divorce, you could be facing months of difficult decisions and negotiations. This is especially true if, in addition to owning a house and having children, you and your husband own a business. Sometimes it can seem impossible to reach a decision when it comes to dividing the family business. Should you fight for sole ownership of the business? Should you sell it and divide the profits?

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