Is co-parenting after divorce the right choice for your family?

Divorce is often messy, and couples in Colorado who are going their separate ways may have a hard time seeing a way forward that is positive for their children. These problems are exacerbated when you do not get along with your spouse and the relationship is contentious. Often, parents worry about the ex’s parenting abilities or just feel worn down by the conflict.

Fortunately, co-parenting has some seriously positive effects that may be worth working for. If you and your ex are committed to providing your kids with the best possible life after divorce and there are no substance abuse or domestic violence issues, consider the following benefits of co-parenting.

According to, children who are co-parented feel more secure and feel they have the love of both parents. They also have better self-esteem and adjust quicker to new living situations and divorce. Children also benefit from the consistency that comes from co-parenting. In this situation, you and your ex will have similar discipline styles, rules and rewards in each different household. This means that your kids know exactly what is expected of them and what they can expect from you no matter which parent they are with.

When kids see their parents working together, they learn problem-solving and peacemaking skills that benefit them in the future. They can realize that two people can feel “right” and still have completely different opinions or beliefs. Research also shows that children whose parents can co-parent successfully are less likely to develop mental health problems in the future.

Co-parenting involves a certain amount of cooperation between you and your ex. The major benefit of this is that you give your kids a healthy example as you establish a pattern that builds and maintains relationships that last.

This if for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.