It is time to decide on custody for the holidays

For many families, the holidays are joyous and fun times with friends and family. However, for divorced parents in Colorado, this period of time can be stressful and emotional, especially when it comes to deciding how to divide time with the children. Having these discussions can be difficult, but the earlier they occur, the better it is for everyone involved.

According to Live About, the most successful parents are those who understand communication and negotiation are important. More than likely, neither parent will get exactly what they want. It is a good idea for each parent to decide what traditions and holidays are the most important, as this can help steer the conversation. 

To help deal with the fact a parent may miss out on the actual day, it helps to create new traditions that relate to the holidays. It may be baking pies the night before Thanksgiving or picking out the tree and having a decorating party. If one parent is taking the kids away somewhere over the week of the holidays, it is perfectly ok to celebrate a week or two before or after. 

Most exes do not want this modified holiday schedule to become a big legal issue, and FindLaw discusses how to work out an agreement that does not involve a judge. The parents can outline a written agreement that includes specific information such as: 

  • Date 
  • Details about holiday arrangements 
  • Pick up and drop off of kids during custody exchange 
  • Signatures of mom and dad 

Drawing up this agreement usually does not lead to conflict, but keeping the original copy can help ease any issue if one parent does not follow the arrangement.