What should you know about child support before reaching an agreement?

If you have children, an important part of your divorce agreement will be figuring out child support. While you can make an agreement between you and your spouse, more often, a Colorado court will determine the amount for you. In any case, it is important to understand the nuances of child support before you reach an agreement or get the court order as this will help you understand more about it and how it works.

Forbes explains that there are certain aspects of child support that can have an effect on other areas of your divorce agreement. For example, child support always takes precedence over spousal support. So, if you want to get both types of support but your spouse does not earn a lot of money, you can expect to receive very little spousal support if any.

Another important aspect to understand is that the court uses both of your incomes to determine the amount of support. So, if you earn a lot more than your spouse, you will not likely get a large amount of child support. Remember the whole goal of this payment is to help your children maintain the quality of life they had before the divorce. It is not to force one parent to pay for everything not to punish the non-custodial parent. The court is looking to provide a balanced financial support system for your child, which means you have some responsibility too for financial support.

Finally, you can also get child support modified through the court. If something changes with finances, you can request a modification to adjust the support as needed. This information is for education and is not legal advice.