Can good friendships help your children deal with divorce?

Your concern for the welfare of your children as they are introduced to the news that you and your spouse are getting divorced in Colorado may only increase as your separation proceeds. Understanding some of the things that you can do to help your children deal with the changes and cope in ways that are healthy and safe may not only give you peace of mind but provide support and validation to your children.

One critical support mechanism for your children are healthy and valued friendships. These relationships can come in the form of children their own ages, friendships with extended family members and even the support of people they see as mentors. Allowing your children to spend time with people they consider to be their peers and friends may help them to recognize that not all relationships disintegrate and that maintaining a healthy relationship is both rewarding and fun.

According to, one expert spent significant time studying friendships, their value, their meaning and how they impact the lives of the people involved in such relationships. One thing that was discovered is that true friends are ones that will help your children to recognize that they are not alone in living their life or coping with challenges. In fact, the friends who your children are closest to, probably mirror their personality in some way which helps your children to feel accepted, comfortable and confident.

When you can encourage your children to build and maintain worthwhile friendships to help them cope with your divorce, they may be able to be more successful at managing the emotions they are feeling in relation to the changes in their familial dynamic. The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.