How can you help your child understand divorce?

As a couple in Colorado who is about to get a divorce, you have a lot on your plate. Not only are you going to be stressed and dealing with a lot of legal, financial and emotional hurdles and problems, but as a parent, you also have to consider your children.

How is the divorce affecting them? What can you do, if anything, to help them progress through this difficult period in their lives?

Dealing with the emotions

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved, not just you and your spouse. Children of any age, even including adult children, can suffer from the emotional whiplash of a divorce. After all, it is the dismantling of something that many people think of as a core, unchangeable part of their life: their family dynamic. Any big changes are often met with turmoil, no matter what sort of change they are. Many people see divorce as a challenge to get through, meaning it takes even more effort for people to accept it.

Handling their outlook on the future

One other important thing to tackle early on is how a divorce may possibly shape your child’s view of the future. Depending on how you handle a divorce, children could potentially risk developing less desirable coping mechanisms for stressful situations. For example, in the aftermath of a divorce, children are more likely to begin bullying others or become adverse to listening and obeying authority figures. They may also suffer from depression or anxiety, especially when they think about what the future possibly has in store, looking at it with a negative viewpoint.

In order to help your children deal with these emotions and the possibility of their outlook changing, it is important for parents to be present, understanding, patient, and loving. These are all important so your children do not feel rushed or like they are the target of ire.