Starting a new job and custody disputes

Starting a new job can be exciting, but it can also be very stressful, especially when someone is going through a divorce. Divorce topics such as custody disputes can be especially tough to work through, particularly when someone is dealing with anxiety or does not have very much free time due to a new job they recently started. When it comes to disputes involving child custody, a new job may impact someone’s case in a variety of ways. For example, their new position may affect their daily schedule, their ability to spend time with their child and their finances, all of which can affect how custody is awarded. 

For example, if a parent loses his or her high-paying job and is forced to take a job that pays much less, and they are experiencing financial hardships, this could affect custody (and other family law matters such as child support). Or, if a parent has to relocate in order to start working somewhere else, this may also have an impact on a custody case. These are just some of the ways that one’s job can play a role in how custody is awarded and it is important to think about these issues if you are going through a dispute over custody. 

In some instances, a parent may decide to wait until the custody process is complete before starting a job, while others may have no choice due to their financial circumstances. Every parent is in a different situation and custody cases need to be thoroughly reviewed from on an individualized basis.