Are prenups gaining a better reputation?

In Colorado, older couples may feel negative about prenuptial agreements. Also known as prenups, these agreements were once viewed as being a tool for the wealthy. The populace scorned normal individuals who got prenups, calling them pessimistic. But the tide of opinion is changing.

Studies show that more young couples than ever are getting prenups. Couples are starting to view marriage as the legal process that it is. While it still holds symbolic significance, younger people realize that it has legal consequences. Therefore, taking legal precautions is not “pessimistic”. It is realistic, and a way to protect assets.

Speaking of, many have more assets to worry about at a younger age than their predecessors. People are getting married at older ages now. They are taking longer to get married as well. Five years is the average length of time a couple spends dating before tying the knot. In this time, individuals collect plenty of assets. With more assets to protect, it makes sense that they would take stronger safety measures.

Finally, many members of the Millennial or Gen Z generations are children of divorce. In specific, up to a third of Millennials reportedly come from a household of divorce. Needless to say, this has informed many of their views on the possibility of divorce.

If you want to read more about prenuptial agreements, you can follow the link here to our web page. Take a look at the changing tide of opinion and how more couples are making these agreements. You can also look at other pre-marital options that can protect your assets.