Fatal DUI crash sees more issues moving forward to trial

When hiring an attorney in Colorado, it is essential that you have effective representation. There are many reasons why an attorney may be unable to take your case. It is also possible that information may come to light later that causes your attorney to step down. This is what happened recently with a criminal case involving DUI and vehicular homicide.

In April, a truck driver allegedly instigated a deadly crash on I-70. He was hauling lumber and coming down a hill towards an intersection when he allegedly did not stop and crashed into multiple other vehicles. As a result, four people died and 10 others suffered injuries, some severe. The accident led to a fire that engulfed and consumed the semi-truck. The driver now faces 41 charges, including vehicular homicide, assault and DUI.

While the driver has had representation, the prosecution brought to light that there is a possible conflict of interest. Prosecutors told the court that the attorney had an arrest history including a DUI that could pose a problem with him representing this client. As a result, the attorney removed himself from the case, leaving the defendant to find new counsel.

The trial will occur in May 2020. The main defense under the old attorney was a mechanical failure of the brakes which prevented the driver from stopping. The trucking company does have a history of safety issues, including problems with the brake systems, but since the truck was burnt in the fire, it is going to be difficult to prove either way if this defense is valid.

Source: 9News