Homelessness, divorce and custody

When one’s marriage falls apart, many different hardships often arise. Some people are more likely to struggle with financial hardships, whether they take time off work or lose their job because of a tough divorce or they struggle to pay legal fees and other divorce-related costs. Moreover, some people are unable to continue living in the same household as a result of the end of their marriage and some even find themselves homeless, which raises many concerns (especially when it comes to child custody). 

If you are currently homeless or your ex has become homeless, it is especially important to take this into consideration if you are working through a dispute over child custody. 

Protecting a child’s best interests 

There are many factors that come into play when courts make custody decisions. If one parent is homeless, this will likely affect them when it comes to their custody rights. If you had to move out of your home because your marriage ended, it is imperative to find housing immediately and prove that you are fully capable of providing your child with the care they need. On the other hand, if you have concerns about your former partner’s circumstances and their ability to raise your child, you need to address these issues carefully and make sure that your child is safe and living in a healthy environment. 

Moving forward 

In the wake of a brutal breakup, many people face difficulties but it is imperative to focus on pushing forward and finding a brighter future. Some people are hit hard from an emotional point of view, especially if they recently lost their job and are facing other crises such as homelessness. Our website explores many other issues related to custody.