When can a subcontractor stop working before the end of a project?

There may come a time during a work project that you feel you need to step off the job. Working as a subcontractor, though, you likely have a contract or some type of legal agreement to provide your services and complete the job. So, you may wonder if there is any possibility that you could end a project before completing your work.

Construction Dive explains that you must make sure you have a legal right to stop work or you could face serious retribution for your actions. There are a few situations where you can end your work before you finish a job without getting into legal issues.

Significant change

If during the course of a project, your job duties significantly change from the agreement you made in your contract, then you may have the right to quit working. The changes must be significant, which means they are completely different than the original terms or add onto the original terms in a way that will increase the work you must do or otherwise completely change the job.

No payment

If the contractor fails to pay you according to the contract, then you have every right to stop working, even if the job is not complete. Most contracts include wording that allows you to legally do this.

There is also the ability to stop working if you feel the client will not pay. If you have proof of the client’s financial abilities, then you may be able to stop work until such time as the client can provide evidence he or she will be able to fund the project.