3 details to consider prior to submitting your parenting plan

Working through the paperwork involved in the divorce process can be time-consuming. But thinking ahead of lengthy documents like your parenting plan might speed up the completion and signature process.

When you move through the mountain of documents you must fill out ahead of your divorce, you might be dread working through your parenting plan. To create more ease, you can coordinate preliminary custody schedule discussions with your soon-to-be ex before completing it. It can be helpful to talk about you will handle child-related decisions and caring for your children well ahead of your court date.

Child exchanges

One point of your parenting plan that you probably don’t want to make any rushed decisions on is how you will handle picking up and dropping off your children. Choosing a stricter plan may lead to consistency that children may benefit from. While keeping drop-off times and places something you communicate about ahead of each exchange might allow for more flexibility. But the more flexibility you create room for, the more you will have to talk to your ex. So, it’ll be crucial to review how often you’d like to correspond with your ex after your divorce. You’ll also want to decide if you feel comfortable coordinating custody exchanges at your home or if you prefer doing it somewhere more neutral, like your child’s school.

Child expenses

Money can cause friction among families with divorced parents and families without divorced parents. To remain civil about financial matters, think strategically about how you will pay for small and large child-related expenses. Try listing out all expenses and then designating them a way that you believe is fair. Some costly expenses to think about include medical insurance plans, extracurricular fees and college costs.

Child communication

In addition to developing a plan for communicating about your child’s needs with your co-parent, you should decide if you’d like your children to communicate with their other parent when they are under your care. If you choose to allow it, think about how you will hold one another accountable for helping your little ones, who don’t have phones of their own, call their other parent.

Taking each page or portion of the parenting plan one bite at a time can help make the legalities of divorce easier to manage.