Complex asset division in divorce: sometimes a team approach avails

Divorce-linked property division in Colorado is hardly a cookie-cutter process that is largely similar from case to case.

In fact, the “who gets what” analysis and outcome is flatly unique in every decoupling. No two divorces are ever the same, with variance in results often being notably prominent in marital property division.

Complexity can especially attach in a so-called “high-asset” divorce, which by its very terms implies complicating factors that are largely absent in marital splits marked by comparatively modest holdings.

A marital dissolution involving significant property can easily feature assets like the following:

  • Substantial real estate holdings
  • Business ownership
  • Multiple and varied retirement accounts
  • Broad-based company benefits (e.g., stock options, bonuses and deferred compensation)
  • Heirlooms, artwork and valued collections
  • Personal property including items like jewelry and vintage automobiles

Identifying, valuing and fairly dividing such property in divorce can be a formidable task. We note on our website at the proven Lakewood family law firm of Beck, Johnson & Nolan that, “There are many moving parts to consider.” Proven asset-division attorneys routinely help valued and diverse clients ensure that a proper accounting is made and that all relevant assets are fairly divided.

In doing so, it sometimes helps the cause that one or more professionals who are experts in their fields be added to a divorce team in order to make key contributions. A certified appraiser might help with asset valuation, for example. A forensic accountant might lend insight into family business matters, income/cash flow and other issues.

Again, every divorce is different. The strategy that a trusted legal adviser will recommend and craft in a given case will always be closely discussed with a client and implemented to secure optimal results.