How can I figure out if my ex is hiding assets?

So much of what couples acquire through their marriage is property and assets that they share, also known as marital property. When your spouse was more involved in tracking finances than you or was responsible for majority of the household income, then you might not know how much you’ll end up with after the property division process. Or, you might be afraid of receiving an unfair settlement due to hidden assets.

To try and protect yourself, you should take thoughtful measures to uncover hidden assets. You can do this by thinking of property or cash streams that your spouse might’ve kept quiet about and seeking expert help.

Think like a detective

Maybe you do all you can to be transparent when it comes to submitting proof of all your assets, but you sense your ex is hiding something from you. Before making accusations, try and do a little digging of your own.

Here are two typical patterns spouses who hide assets in complex or high asset divorces tend to follow:

  • Open bank accounts: It’s possible that even if you share bank accounts, your spouse could have some secret ones they opened without you. This might include opening bank accounts in a child’s name or opening anonymous cryptocurrency accounts.
  • Manage finances: Think about how you and your spouse took care of paying for bills and large expenses, tracking bank statements, filing taxes and managing your retirement fund. If you didn’t have much of a say in financial decisions through your marriage or don’t even know how much money was coming in and out, this can create an ideal set-up for a spouse to be dishonest.

Get legal help

Going through a divorce isn’t easy, especially when you feel like you’ve lost all the trust you once had for ex. But you can consult a divorce attorney who both acknowledges your perspective and understands the intricacies of the legal process.