Your DUI charge could impact everyone in your family

The times where you made a specific plan to not go behind the behind the wheel after some drinking, you probably did this to preserve your own safety. And when you make the choice to drive while uncertain if you are sober enough to, you probably haven’t thought of many other people besides yourself either.

When drunk drivers take the road, they put themselves and everyone around them in a risky situation. So, if you are looking ahead to a DUI court hearing rather than trying to recover from a serious crash, you can consider yourself lucky. However, the consequences you face are long-lasting and can cause friction between you and your family.

Poor role model

If you have children or people who look up to you in your immediate or extended family, then a criminal charge can impact other’s perspective of you. And if you must go behind bars — a reality for many DUI offenders — you might miss out on out on some of your child’s important milestones.

Inability to provide

As a parent or spouse, losing your license as a DUI penalty might impact your ability to provide for your family the same way you did prior to your arrest. You might not be able to drive your children to school or extracurricular activities. Your financial contributions might change to. This is because you might not be able to keep or easily find a new job with a criminal mark on your record, especially if you hold a professional license.

Financial strain

Even if you can keep your job, your family may take a steep financial hit with the fines and court and legal fees you must pay. And when you add in the potential cost of substance abuse education, an ignition interlock device and higher auto insurance rates, you might be thousands of dollars in the hole.

You can save your family from all the losses a drunk driving charge may cause by rethinking the importance of a sober ride.