How can a DUI ruin your financial aid?

Getting a DUI charge for the first time can feel like a scary experience. At the same time, it may seem tempting to treat it as no big deal. You may have heard that first time offenses do not get harsh treatment.

While this is true for some crimes, DUI related crimes do not fall under this umbrella. So what can should you do? As a college student, how serious should you act in the fact of a DUI charge?

Will you be expelled?

The College Investor believes that DUI convictions could have a severe impact on your college career. This is crucial to keep in mind as a college student. Your entire future often begins in college. This is where you study whatever interests you. It offers you the ability to try out different career paths and see which field of study holds the most interest for you.

But if you get a DUI conviction, it can interrupt your attendance. In rare cases, a college may expel you for your DUI conviction. This usually only happens if you face other charges alongside the DUI conviction, though.

Loss of financial aid

More commonly, a college will revoke financial aid. You will lose any federal aid granted to you. On top of that, you will lose any gifts or grants from the college itself. If that was not enough, the college may also ban you from using on-campus housing. This means you must pay out of pocket to use off-campus housing. The prohibitive cost combined with a lack of financial support is often the nail in the coffin.

If you need financial aid to fund your time in college, you want to take a DUI charge seriously. Consider contacting an attorney for more information on how to proceed.