Using logic to help you create a customized child custody plan

Determining a child custody arrangement during your divorce proceedings in Colorado could easily win the prize for the most time consuming and stressful process. As you negotiate the terms and conditions of your child custody agreement, maintain a realistic perspective and use logic to make rational decisions.

Chances are you share the same sentiments with your soon-to-be-ex of wanting your children to continue to live a happy life despite the changes in your relationship.

Things to consider

Even though you may have an idea of the perfect custody arrangement, you will need to stay flexible and account for the unique circumstances and scheduling needs of the other people involved. According to Parents, some of the logistics that you must consider include the following:

  • The distance between your home and your ex’s
  • The careers and job responsibilities of both you and your ex
  • Any extracurricular activities that your children participate in
  • Your personal schedule and commitments
  • Childcare and academic schedules for your children
  • The respective ages of your children

Remembering the reason

Keeping a realistic perspective as you transition to the idea of sharing your children can encourage optimism. Remember that the reason you have made these sacrifices is for the benefit and development of your children. Do your best to have a good attitude about sharing custody because your children will echo your feelings.

Try to put aside anger and see your ex as none other than a parent. Your children need relationships with both you and your ex. Your effort to make the most of your situation can facilitate the growth of your children and encourage them to thrive no matter what their family dynamic is.