Is this a sign of parental alienation?

When going through a divorce, it is understandable for your child to experience some behavioral changes. Many of these are temporary and most are not a cause for concern. But there are some changes that might indicate something is happening behind the scenes. 

Parental alienation affects many children of divorce. It can cause permanent and lasting damage, so it is crucial for you to notice the signs as they appear. 

Aversion to spending time with you

Psychiatric Times discusses ways to identify parental alienation as it occurs. Parental alienation involves your co-parent trying to ruin your relationship with your child. They often lean on abusive tactics to do so. This causes abrupt and noticeable changes in your child’s personality, demeanor and especially their reaction to you. 

The first thing most alienated parents notice is that their child no longer wants to spend time with them. This is often the biggest red flag. A child may display a little resistance or they may seem vehemently opposed. When asked for their reason as to why they do not wish to be near you, they cannot give a good answer. 

Intense scrutiny and nitpicking

You may also notice that your child suddenly finds wrong in everything you do. They may complain about the way you cook, clean or dress. They have criticism for anything you do. They may also seem entitled, as they believe you owe them everything and they owe you nothing. 

Finally, you may notice personality changes. A child may grow sullen and withdrawn. On the other hand, they may become snappish, irritable, demanding and grouchy. If you notice any of these signs, consider contacting a legal expert. They can help you decide what to do next.