How can you co-parent without a fight?

After a divorce, your children are still your number one priority. If you chose to co-parent with your ex, you may have to figure out how to coexist and get along after an emotional breakup. According to Today’s Parent, children of divorced parents have a higher likelihood of depression.

Fortunately, there are ways you can work with your partner.

Be professional in all interaction

Try to look at your ex as a colleague. The two of you have a connection because of your children and to raise your children healthily, you need to be civil with your former partner. You set an excellent example for your children when you can divorce but still work as a team. This means that you should treat the other parent civilly, do not cancel essential meetings or visitation.

Remember that fair is not equal

Make time for conversation

Coparenting requires communication between both parties. You should schedule times once a month to meet with the other parent and to discuss your children. You may also want to include regular meetings for the whole family, where you, your former spouse and your children can discuss the plan.

While you do not have to follow all of your ex’s rules with your children, you do need to set down some critical rules between the two of you. Generally, this means that the two of you should be on the same page about important values, such as religion or what activities you consider healthy for children.

When co-parenting, the most important thing is for both parents to be on the same page about their parenting plan.