3 signs your children are victims of parental alienation

In high-conflict divorces involving minor children, your offspring may be vulnerable to parental alienation. This may have negative consequences for your offspring’s mental health.

Certain signs may indicate your children are victims of parental alienation.

1. Staunchly taking the other parent’s side

One major indicator of parental alienation is your children siding with your ex-partner on everything regardless of whether it is reasonable to do so or not. They may refuse to believe anything you say and view all your words and actions through a lens of black and white where you are always the wrongful perpetrator. They perceive the other parent as perfect and unable to commit any wrongdoing.

2. Unreasonably censuring you

Another manifestation is the sudden loss of any respect or regard for you. Your offspring may criticize you unjustly no matter what you do and throw false accusations at you. They may fight constantly with you, sneer at you, express constant anger and resentment towards you or otherwise treat you poorly. They may create ridiculous, irrational reasons to excuse their unjustified hostility. They may also claim that they came to these conclusions and emotions on their own without outside influence.

3. Failing to display any remorse

Your children may also show no guilt for how they treat you. Parental alienation twists their minds to the point they justify any cruelty, rudeness or bad behavior directed your way as right and deserved, perceiving you as the villain.

Colorado courts generally see parental alienation as grounds to modify custody orders. If you suspect it, then you may want to consider petitioning for a change to remove your children from a potentially harmful environment or limit their time there. As much as it may hurt, remember that those subjected to parental alienation are victims of possibly psychologically damaging treatment.