Child custody could be influenced by financial factors

During a Colorado family law case, many issues can come to the forefront and complicate matters. With child custody, the child’s best interests are the priority and financial considerations are a key part of that. From the outset, it is important to understand this as the case proceeds.

What the court assesses with income and child custody

The court takes a detailed look at income as part of its child custody determination. Children have basic needs. To be able to thrive, a safe place to live is critical. So too is it important that the child has clothing, a nutritious diet, medical care and a proper education. One parent might have limited capacity to secure employment and earn enough to care for the child. If, however, that is due to being a stay-at-home parent and the other parent worked to provide support, then the income of both parents will be essential when deciding on child support payments.

Even with issues that are not directly related to income, there will be a financial component. That includes finding adequate child care, the ability to pay for extracurricular activities, ensuring the child has all he or she needs for school and ancillary costs that inevitably arise. Along with other concerns, income will play a role in a child custody order.

Preparing for all factors in a child custody case is vital

Income will not be the final determinative aspect of child custody, but that does not diminish its relevance. It might even spur parents who do not want to go through a time consuming and costly case to negotiate and find solutions they deem acceptable.