A lack of communication may ruin your relationship

A lack of communication is one of the most common reasons why couples in Colorado and elsewhere get divorced. This is largely because staying silent makes it impossible for individuals to adequately express what they need from their partners. It also makes it harder to solve money, childcare or other problems that might arise during a marriage.

Couples aren’t always in lockstep

There is a good chance that your worldview differs from that of your partner’s in at least one or two different ways. For instance, you may prefer to save money while your spouse has no problem spending money. It’s also possible that you prefer to enforce strict guidelines on your children while your husband or wife prefers to raise your child in a less formal environment. The only way to achieve some sort of consensus on those issues is to have regular conversations where all parties can express themselves openly and honestly.

Poor communication can cause couples to drift apart

If you don’t engage with your partner, there is a chance that he or she will come to resent you. Even if your partner doesn’t grow to hate you, there may come a point at which you realize that you no longer have the type of bond that allows a marriage to thrive.

No one wants to feel alone

Ideally, your partner will be the person who is always there for you when you’re having a bad day or have important news to share. However, if you can’t communicate effectively with this person, you may feel as if you are alone in a world that can be hard enough to navigate with a support network in place. This may further any feelings of resentment that you have toward your partner, which could increase the likelihood that you get a divorce.

If you are thinking about leaving your spouse, be sure to gather financial statements and other documents prior to filing divorce paperwork. Doing so may make it easier to get a favorable settlement in your case.