Don’t forget your kids when getting a divorce

In the state of Colorado, divorced parents are generally allowed to remain active in their children’s lives. Therefore, if you share children with your estranged spouse, it is important that you take their needs into account throughout the process of dissolving your marriage. Doing so will help to ensure that they are capable of dealing with the chaos that they will likely experience over the course of several months or years.

Be upfront about what is happening

You don’t need to provide all the gory details as to why your marriage is coming to an end. However, it is important to be honest about the fact that a divorce is coming and that the decision to seek one is final. If possible, you should make the announcement together with your spouse to emphasize the point that this was a joint decision. Making a joint announcement may also help show your kids that they won’t be losing a relationship with either parent after the split is official.

Don’t say anything negative about the other parent

You should not say anything bad about the other parent in front of the child. Doing so is really no different than taking a direct shot at your child.

Choose mediation if possible

Mediation is typically preferable to litigation when it comes to ending a marriage if you have kids. This is because you won’t have to tell them much about the terms of the settlement, and your kids won’t need to attend mediation sessions if you don’t want them to be there. Ultimately, you can shield them from the negative aspects of divorce and spend more time helping them transition to the next part of their lives.

If you share children with your spouse, it may be possible to obtain custody rights as well as child support payments as part of a final divorce settlement. Alimony may also be available to help support your child after your marriage ends.