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Do your part to stop child abuse

Child abuse can go unreported for a long time because it takes a while before people in the community notice it. Perhaps the abuse doesn't get noticed until a doctor, dentist, teacher, therapist or someone else notices the tell-tale signs of bruises and other unexplainable injuries on the child's body.

Could mediation allow for a faster and simpler Colorado divorce?

Getting divorced in Colorado can be a difficult process, especially when you and your spouse don't agree on the terms of your divorce. For some couples, prenuptial agreements outline exactly how issues like asset division, spousal support and child visitation will get handled. The vast majority of couples do not have a prenuptial agreement on record, however, which means they must agree on terms or ask the courts to intervene.

What happens when a seller doesn't move out of your new home?

The current real estate market is unquestionably a seller's market. There's so much demand for properties around Colorado that home prices have gone up. At the same time, units for sale and available units for rent have decreased, making it easy for sellers to set their own price and terms when it comes to a sale. If you were lucky enough to find a home you wanted and submit an accepted purchase offer, you probably thought the hard part was over.

Colorado has serious consequences for drunk driving

When people decide to get behind the wheel after ingesting mind-altering substances, everyone else on the road can be at risk. In order to reduce the number of serious car crashes and maintain social safety, Colorado has strict laws in place against operating a motor vehicle, even a boat, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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