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Did your foreign ex take your child overseas?

An ex-spouse from a foreign country might not have the same respect for U.S. child custody laws as you do. The spouse may feel that he or she has the right to keep your children beyond the agreed-upon visitation time. The court system in the person's home country might even have supported your ex to this effect.

3 questions fathers should ask during child custody cases

You and your ex are in the midst of a divorce. You know that your child's life is very unstable right now. You feel badly that your children are going through this whole situation. There are some ways that you can make the divorce and subsequent child custody agreement a bit easier for your child. These three questions are a good starting point for you to ensure your actions aren't causing stress for your child.

As Life Changes--So Too May Some Custody And Support Orders

There's a saying that change is the one true constant in life. If you previously went through a divorce or settled a child custody case, you likely understand the significance of this saying all too well. The culmination of a divorce or child custody case triggers many significant changes including where you live, your standard of living, your retirement plans and how often you see your children.

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