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Modifications To Court Orders And Life Changes

In the years after your divorce is settled or determinations with regard to parental responsibilities are made, your life and circumstances, as well as those of your child or ex, are likely to change. In some cases, such changes may also warrant that changes be made to existing court orders related to alimony, child support, and parenting time.

At Beck, Jonson & Nolan, PC, our Colorado family law attorneys will answer your questions and assist in petitioning the court to modify the terms of an existing order if you or your child or ex experience major life changes, which may include:

  • Disability
  • Loss of income
  • Mental health issues
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Relocation

Are Your Child’s Best Interests Being Served?

If you or your ex wish to modify the terms of parental responsibility or custodial agreement, you may come to an agreement on your own or you may file a petition with a family law court. If your case involves the latter, a family law judge will review your petition and any supporting evidence and make a determination based upon what he or she believes to be in your child’s best interest.

To improve the likelihood of a favorable outcome, our family law attorneys provide the answers, advice and assistance you need to ensure that your case is strong. If you believe that an existing custody agreement doesn’t meet your child’s changing needs or that your child is in physical danger, we will work with third-party professionals to obtain the evidence you need to support your position in court.

When matters related to your children, financial security and well-being are at stake, you need a strong legal advocate who has a proven track record of helping families achieve favorable legal outcomes. To discuss making modifications after your divorce, call a lawyer at our Lakewood firm at 303-578-4075 or contact us online.